Perífrasis. Revista de Literatura, Teoría y Crítica is the journal published by the Department of Humanities and Literature at Universidad de los Andes. Both in its printed and digital (open access) versions, it publishes research articles, interviews and reviews in Spanish and English, with no charge for the authors. The journal is published biannually (January-June, July-December) and each issue is released at the beginning of each period.
          The goal of the journal is to publish original and unpublished articles, interviews and reviews by national and foreign authors. It has a wide scope and is open to research about different literary manifestations, new objects of study, and the multiple perspectives that have emerged within the panorama of literary studies and their transdisciplinary variants.
          Perífrasis is geared toward professors and researchers of literature and related areas, as well as to undergraduate and graduate students. It has a scientific and editorial board, as well as a group of evaluators—which comprises active national and foreign researchers—, who abide by the principles of academic rigor and pluralism that are characteristic of Universidad de los Andes.




María Mercedes Andrade

Margarita Pérez
Asistente editorial

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